Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tulip Festival

We went to Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival yesterday.

My friend Natalie has an annual pass.

She hooked us up with half price admission.

My kids had a blast.

Thanks for inviting us Nat. Waiting for the drinking fountain. Happy boy! Bree had to bring her pony.

She even made sure her pony got stamped. :)

Me and Nat This picture of Alyssa was taken shortly before we left. She was really sleepy.

Me and my lyscious

My sweet girlies. Alyssa didn't want her picture taken.

Feeding the fishies

Bree, Ava, and Ella

The gold fish were just a little bit bigger then our gold fish.

It was a beautiful day. We took lots of drink breaks.

Andrew, Andrew, and Noah had a good time together. They did a lot of talking on "Boy" things (Nintendo games, sports, etc.)


Lots of daffodiles!

Ha ha... My son Andrew is taller then Natalie. I imagine it won't be long before he passes me up.

Bree's pony had the best time of all. :)

Abby loved hanging out with Ella

The kids loved rolling down the hill.

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