Thursday, October 31, 2013

Abby's Class Party

Earlier today I got to be a helper at Abby's class party.  I helped her class make little Owl decorations.  I think everyone liked them!  :)   All of Abby's classmates are so cute!  Second graders are so much fun. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Celebrating October Birthdays and Halloween at Grandmas

We have a lot of October birthdays in our family (Aaron -5th,  Brody -24th, Cole -24th, Brooklyn -30th, and Abby -31st)!  On Sunday we had a little birthday celebration/Halloween party at my parent's home.  My mom planned a lot of fun activities (a parade, fish pond, bingo, etc).  The food was delicious too (sloppy joes, pasta salad, apple cider, etc).  Thanks Mom!

Family Pictures

Abby's 8th Birthday Party

Front of invitation

Back of invitation

Abby's birthday party was so much fun this year!   The theme she chose was "Lego Friends."
Left to right:  Abby, Hailee, Millie, Jessie, Natalia, Hadley, Alyssa, Saydee, and Emery

The girls played two rounds of musical chairs.  Then they went on a treasure hunt.  Here were their clues.

Welcome to Abby's "Lego Friend" party.
We're so glad that all of you are here!
This first clue is a little tricky.
Go out to the garage by the fishing gear.

You found it!  Great job.
We can tell that you're all thinking.
Now go to the downstairs bathroom,
Before it starts stinking!

You all are doing great,
I promise I'm not a liar.
Now upstairs you go. 
Look in the dryer!

Look at you go!
You are all like a star.
The next clue is located,
Outside in Mom's car.

I'm amazed at your
"Lego Friend Power"
Now back downstairs
and look in the shower.

You’ve come so far!
This is your sixth clue.
Look in Abby’s closet,
Perhaps in a shoe?

Ewe, that was gross!
No I’m just kidding.
Head outside to the back,
To a place where you go sitting.

While you are outside
You might as well head over to the coup.
But watch out folks!
Don’t step on Poop!

Way to be!
You are all cool dudes.
Now go inside to the kitchen,
To a place where we store food…s!  J

Your tenth and final clue
Is in the garage in a chest!
I’m sure that you will find it,
If you do your very best!

You found the treasure!
And so your hunt ends.
Today each one of you,
Gets your own “Lego Friends.”

The treasure is symbolic
To the friendships you have made.
They’re worth more then gold,
Or anything you could be paid.

Cherish each other,
Always be kind.
‘Cause good friends like you
Aren’t easy to find.

Following the treasure hunt, the girls had some root beer and dry ice. yummy!

Next, Abby opened her gifts.

She got so many nice things.
Then we did a piniata.

Eating cupcakes...

Last, coloring our own Lego Friends
And watching Teen Beach Movie!  Oh Yeah :)