Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Marathon Day

Had the kids up, ready, and out the door at 8:00 this morning.
We watched Brody's parade...

Brody was Super Man

Then we watched Andrew's parade...

Alyssa was not a happy camper

My neighbor Shelby was Jessie from Toy Story

Andrew was a Hippie

Andrew's teacher Mrs. B was a Smarty Pants!

Mrs. Mair was a fairy. She was Andrew's 1st and 3rd grade teacher.

Andrew's friend Keldin was a dragon slayer ...I think?

After the parades, we went to Walmart and picked out treats for Abby's class. Abby wanted cupcakes. We picked out some bright colored mini cupcakes. Mrs. Alesha devoted the first half hour of preschool to Abby. First she let Abby pick 5 treats out of a birthday box. Then, she let her pick out a crown. We sang the birthday song to her, and then we passed out treats. Abby was in heaven.

Poor Jazz

We went to the Jazz game last night.
Deanna and Trent got us some sweet tickets.
We were at the very top (Portal SS, Section 129, Row 22) ...Awesome!
We met Greg Miller and Kevin Oconnor.
Unfortunately, the Suns beat the Jazz. :(
-Still fun to be at the game.
Before the game we had dinner at TGI Fridays.
It was delicious!
Thanks again Katie and Bryan for watching our kids.
And thanks again Deanna and Trent for inviting us.


I went with Brody and his class to Cornbelly's yesterday.
We had a great time.
Cornbelly's included Farm Country this year,
so we got a few extras.At the entrance to Farm Country

Inside the little Farmer's Market

Brody loved feeding the ducks.
I couldn't believe there was still this many.
Don't they fly south for the winter?


This picture makes me laugh.
He didn't want his picture taken.

Gotta love duck racing.
Brody had to line up the blue ducks with the blue faucet,
the yellow ducks with the yellow faucet, etc.

So much corn!
Reminded me of Scrooge McDuck in his bin of gold.

Lots of fun slides