Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Andrew's Art

Memorial Day 2011

We made it to 4 cemetaries yesterday! It was so good to see all of the graves of family and friends that have gone to the other side.My Grandpa Argyle's grave. Not pictured (But close by) are my Uncle Robert Wilson and my cousin Troy Wilson.

Myrtle and Josiah Bell. My mother-in-laws parents.

My uncle, Dave Fackrell.

There was a man playing bag pipes. -Kind of a cool thing.

Samuel Walker. My father-in-laws dad.

Charles and Jane Johnson. Grandma Bullocks maternal grandparents.

My Grandpa Nelson's grave.

My Great Grandma and Grandpa Vanwagoner's graves.

Henson Walker. Aaron's great, great, great(?) Grandpa. He was a pioneer. He was the first mayor of Pleasant Grove. He was a polygamist. Our family came from his second wife (Elizabeth). His first wife died during child birth in Nauvoo.

Elizabeth Walker. Henson's second wife (Our blood line).

Aaron's Great Grandma and Grandpa Walker.

My Handsome Little Dude

Brody lost his 4th tooth last Friday! He kept wiggling it back and forth. I asked him to let me look in his mouth. He let me feel it. It was so loose! I grabbed it, gave a little pull, and Wallah. Out it came! I gave Brody a little hair cut on Sunday. It turned out cute and he was so good. Most of the time he freaks out when I try to cut his hair.

Isn't he the most handsome dude you've ever seen?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Music and the Spoken Word

Sweet Little Girls

Oh how I love my girls!

What can you do when it's raining outside?

Why not get your swim suits on,

Take turns combing each others hair,

And paint your finger and toe nails?

Brody's Dance Festival

Last Friday was Forbes Elementary's Dance Festival. Brody's class did a special "Signing Time." -Now, when I say Brody's class, I mean Brody's class...(And not Brody). Brody was so funny! He sat in his chair with his knees pulled up inside his shirt and his head tucked the entire time. I just love my son so much. He can be so stubborn, but he's so dang cute!

Brody with Mrs. A

My girls loved the playground. Alyssa climbed to the top of the slide, but was afraid to go down. She had fun watching the other kids.

Little Abby (AKA Hannah Montanah) was a big helper.

Bree kept finding little treasures (ie. a broken pencil, a piece of plastic that looked like a ring, etc.)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loving Camp

My boys are still loving their camp. Yesterday Jimmer Fredette came and spoke to them. Jimmer stated that Basketball isn't the most important thing in his life. -His family and friends are. That made an impression on Aaron and Andrew.Here's Andrew at Jimmer's locker!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Father & Son Basketball Camp At BYU

Andrew and Aaron left for their basketball camp yesterday. The camp is at BYU and will go til Monday. I just spoke with Aaron on the phone. He was really happy. He said he was super soar (-I'm glad they're wipping my boys into shape). I miss them already, but I'm glad they get to have this experience. :) Keep up the good work you two!

Friday, May 27, 2011

For Sinika

I saw this sky Thursday evening and thought it was beautiful. My friend Sinika is always taking beautiful pictures of nature. This picture is for you! :)

Dance and Swim Lessons

My kids have been begging me for weeks to sign them up for some classes. Last Saturday I finally did it! In June, Bree and Abby will start dance and Brody will get some private swim lessons. I'm so excited.

Lexi's Baptism

My niece's daughter is getting baptized in June. We just got her announcement in the mail. Isn't she beautiful?

Andrew's Happenings

Andrew has had quite a few things going on lately. Thursday evening he and the rest of the 4th graders had a performace at Pony Express Elementary. Andrew dressed up as a baseball player. He was suppose to wear a Bee's uniform, but his was too small.
They celebrated Utah!
Andrew did a unit on Mountain Men/Trading. Andrew and some of his friends got to dress up.

From left to right: Keldin, Ty, Andrew and Josh
Since we moved, Andrew has been working hard in scouts. Next week is the raingutter regatta race.
Andrew finished up his basketball at the XSI Factory. He got this certificate and metal at his last game. Good job bud!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Aaron and I went to the U2 conert Tuesday evening. What a great concert it was. I had such a good time with my hubby and my niece. Tuesday morning before the concert, I made us some t-shirts.

My cricket and a little crazy glue does wonders. :)
Brittany brought a friend from her ward (Matt). Matt wasn't much of a U2 fan before the concert, but I think we converted him.

We ate dinner at Jimmy John's. MMM...it was yummy!

Here is the view from our seats. We were kind of in the nose bleads; however, we could see everything perfectly.

The Fray opened for U2. Their music was great too! They sounded just as good as they do on the radio.

I loved every minute of the concert. It made me giddy when I heard Aaron singing along to some of the songs and dancing. Thank you U2!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Couple Of Birthdays...

We celebrated a couple of birthdays on Sunday.My niece Kate turned 4 years old!
She requested a Justin Bieber cake!

My neice Brittany turned 21!

She had a teenage mutant ninja turtle cake!

Aaron's Surprise

Saturday when I got home from work, Aaron informed me he was leaving. "Where are you going?" I asked. "I'm just leaving." He left and was gone for about 45 minutes. When he came back, my girls asked him, "Where did you go." He answered with, "I have a surprise for you guys." I don't know how I knew, but I asked him if he bought a trampoline. "Yes!" He replied. My girls started screaming. They were so excited. We ran outside to check out the trampoline. Aaron got a huge 14 footer!

Aaron, Grandpa Walker and I set up the trampoline. It took us a good couple of hours to finish.

My kids couldn't stand the wait. Brody, especially, had a difficult time. We had to constantly ask them to hold on, stay off, wait til we're finished, etc.