Sunday, April 3, 2011

Notes and Thoughts From First Session Of 181st Annual General Conference

Thomas Monson: 3 new temples in Idaho, Colorado and Canada!

Tom Perry: Keep the Sabboth day holy, (Attend meetings, dress appropriately, no shopping, etc.) Don't relax your commitment to the Savior! I will be held accountable for teaching my children. I need to be an example!

Jean Stevens: Look to children as examples. Children are first to love and first to forgive. They are submissive, meek, humble, patient and full of love. Beautiful story about a child named Liam. I wonder how many Angels are around?

Walter Gonzalez: Christ will help us under any circumstance if we follow him. We show our love for him when we assist others. It's important to keep our covenants. I need to make it to church on time so I can partake of the sacrament. I also need to attend the temple!

Kent Richards: Pain... What is the purpose of it? All of us experience pain. Pain isn't just physical. It can be spiritual as well. We could have received pain as a revelation; however, opposition is part of Heavenly Father's plan. We need to experience it. Christ suffered the pain of every living creature.

Quentin Cook: Women have an important role in the church. They are a source of strength. They provide service. They sacrifice. Story of Elizabeth Jackson (A pioneer widow).

Henry B. Eyring: We are all God's children. Seize the opportunity to do good/serve. People who give are blessed. "A person can't give a crust without receiving a loaf in return." Include my family in the work. Children learn by example.

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