Sunday, October 30, 2011

Abby's Birthday Party

We celebrated Abby's birthday on Saturday. Abby wanted to have a "Hello Kitty" party.I made her a cake
And we got a lot of fun party favors.
We had a good turn out. Abby had 7 of her friends come.

She got a lot of fun gifts.
We played a couple of different games. The first game we played was"Pin the bow on Hello Kitty." The picture above is of Hailee giving it a try.

Top row left to right: Adair, Millie, Jessie, Hailee, and Bree

Bottom row left to right: Brinley, Abby, Sadie, and Allee

The second game we played was called "Poor Kitty." Everyone forms a circle and one person is blindfolded in the middle. The middle person is directed towards someone in the circle. They say "Poor Kitty," and the person in the circle has to say "Meow." The middle person then tries to guess who it is.
Alyssa thought she was just as big as everyone else.
Abby's favorite part about her birthday was opening gifts.

Following the presents, we had pizza, root beer, cake and icecream.

Make a wish!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coming In April 2012!

We have a new addition coming in April 2012! I had my first doctor appointment last Thursday. So far everything is looking great. Baby has a good heart beat (152.8 beats per minute) and most of the body parts are accounted for. It's still too early to know what the sex is. Any guesses? I'm measuring at about 14 weeks. I have an amniocentesis scheduled for the 3rd week of November. We'll get more info at that time.

Hilcrest 1st Ward Halloween Party

Our ward had a special Halloween party this year. We volunteered to help with Heritage Care Center's Annual Halloween Party. For those of you who don't know, Heritage Care Center has a special place in my heart. -It's the place where Aaron and I met. :)
Members of our ward donated candy and worked at concession stands. It was so much fun! I love the elderly. Here are some pictures of the fam before we went to the party.

Bree's Halloween Party

Bree's Halloween party was last Thursday.

Her teacher Ms. Denice did an excellent job. At the beginning of the party, she had all of the children sing some Halloween songs.

Everyone looked so cute in their costumes.

After they sang, we went to the backyard. All of the parents did concession stands. I made ghost suckers with all of the kids. Other parents made spooky treats, had a hula hoop toss, bowling, bingo, etc. My girls had a great time.