Friday, April 22, 2011

Funny Things Breelyn Has Said...

I had just gotten the girls dressed. Abby was complaining because the clothes I put on Breelyn were some of her old clothes. Abby wasn't ready to give them up. Abby stated that she wished she was small still. Breelyn then piped up, "If you want to be a Breelyn, you have to look like a Breelyn. If you want to be an Abby, you have to look like an Abby."

The girls want to take some classes this summer. Abby stated that she wanted to take a "Ballerina Dance" class. Bree tells me she wants to take a "Hi - ya" class. What's a Hi -ya class I asked. You know...I go hi-ya, hi-ya, hi-ya (As she is kicking). Oh, you mean a karate class? "Yes, that's it."

Bree asked me, "Mom, can you buy me some goggles?" "Why do you want goggles?" "So I can swim like a mermaid in the ocean."

My nephew bought his fiance an engagement ring. When Bree saw it she stated, "You have a snowflake ring!"

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