Monday, April 18, 2011

Hoarding: Buried Alive

Well...we did it.
We've moved.
We're now living in American Fork.

Last Saturday we had a yard sale.
We sold quite a bit of unused items.
-We also took quite a bit to the DI. :)
(It feels good to dejunk.)

Now it's time to unpack.
Have you ever seen the tv show
Hoarding: Buried Alive? Well, that's how I feel this week.
...Everything in boxes.
Can't find what we need.
Barely enough room for a walk way.
It's going to take a while for us to adjust.

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Katie said...

Sorry I missed the Tulip Festival. We have an offer on our house and of course I needed to scrub this place clean! Tomorrow is the inspection. I can't imagine all the things they are going to find in this 100 year-old house! What is your week like next week?