Friday, April 1, 2011

A Bunch of April Fools

I can't figure out our computer.
Aaron traded out our home computer with his office computer.
Ever since then, when I load pictures onto the blog
It puts the pictures in a random order.
(Very frustrating).
Any hew...
We celebrated Andrew's Birthday today.
Andrew and I printed these invitations off of the computer.

This year Andrew wanted to have a laser tag/sleepover party.
Aaron took Andrew and his friends over to Trafalga in Lehi.
They played two rounds of laser tag and one round of miniature golf.
Poor Andrew biffed it at recess this morning.

He got a scrape on his right eye brow, his right hip and the palm of his right hand. :(

Andrew requested an ice cream cake.
I made two chocolate cake rolls.
One with chocolate cookies and cream
and the other with vanilla cookies and cream.
They were a hit!

Left to right: Andrew, Mitchell, Eli, Jared and Bree

I can't believe my little guy is 10 years old!

Blowing out the candles

Mitchell and Josh

Andrew's friend Keldin played a pretty good "April Fools" joke on Andrew.
He gave Andrew a bag full of rocks.
Andrew didn't know what to say...
After a minute or so, Keldin pulled out another gift from his bag.
It was pretty funny.

The gift that "Rocks"

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Ashley and Dave said...

Happy birthday, Andrew! Another gift to come your way soon!