Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Class Pictures

Brody's Class

Andrew's Class
 Breelyn's Class
Abby's Class

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Straight A's!

Andrew Magoo just brought home his report card.
And guess what???
Andrew got straight A's!
So proud of you bud.  Love you.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brittany's Baby Shower

 My nephew Brandon and his wife Brittany are expecting baby # 2 in January.  It's a boy!  And I believe his name is going to be Jett. 
 We gave Brittany a shower yesterday.  The shower was at my sister in law (Kenna's) home. 
 My niece Denell did the decorating.  -That girl is so dang talented!
 Brittany got a lot of nice gifts
 My sister in law, (Deanna) made her a cute car quilt
 We played "Guess the candy bar" game.
 My little man came with me
 He gave lots of loves to his Grandma Walker
 And to his second cousin (Carson)

Congrats Brandon and Brittany.  We can't wait to meet your little guy.  

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was so wonderful this year!  We celebrated with Aaron's side of the family.  My sister-in-law Teresa reserved her church in Draper.  All of Aaron's immediate family came (Aaron, his parents, his brother, and all 7 of his sisters).  This was huge!  Aaron's family is scattered in Idaho, Arizona, and California.  The last time we were able to get everyone together was 9 years ago for Kent and LouJean's 50th wedding anniversary.

Our dinner was amazing!  So much yummy food.  I wish I would have taken a picture.

Following dinner, we made crafts and decorations.  Usually we exchange family gifts with Aaron's siblings, but this year we decided to decorate a tree and donate it to a family in need.    -I absolutely loved this!  I think we need to make it a new tradition.
We cleaned up our mess, then we had a little Christmas party.  Each family bought $5 gifts for each of their children, then Kent and LouJean passed them out.

We had family pictures done! 

  What is Thanksgiving without cousin sleepovers? 
Andrew slept over at Teresa's house, and we had a couple extra girls at our house.  Abby had Jessie sleep over and Bree had Oakley sleep over. 
I think they were just a little worn out from the events in the day.  What do you think?

Sasha is 3!

 My niece Sasha turned 3 on Saturday.  We had a little family party for her on Sunday at my parent's home.  Happy Birthday Sasha!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Second Tooth!

It seems like all I talk about lately are teeth.  -Ha ha.  
Oh well.  It's exciting news at our house.  :)
Little Bryson is getting a second tooth.  -It's right next to the other one.  
Poor little guy.  I'll bet he's soar.  
Poor me.  My baby is growing up too fast!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What To Ask For? ...That Is The Question

Last night as we were sitting at Andrew's basketball practice, Abby told me that she wasn't sure what to ask Santa to bring her for Christmas.  I looked at her and the song "All I want for Christmas" came into my mind.   I started singing, and both of us laughed and laughed,  (Abby lost another tooth Sunday evening).  Doesn't she have the cutest smile you've ever seen? 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Latest Project

A few weeks ago I found this amazing piece of furniture off of KSL.   I LOVE antique furniture!  After I took my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class, I began looking for a fun piece of furniture to redo.  I saw this piece and knew it had to be mine.  :)
 I did a little research.  From what I understand, it's a china cabinet from the 1920's.
 The china cabinet was in pretty rough shape when I got it.  It was missing the door, the shelves, and one of the knobs on the drawer.
 The stain was a little bleached.  You could tell it had been exposed to the elements.  It was also pretty scratched up.  The first thing I did was clean it really well.  After it was clean, I sanded all the areas that were scratched up.
 I wanted to make some shelves, but wasn't sure how to go about doing it.   -Thank goodness for my handy husband!  He measured the china cabinet, we went to Lowes and picked out some pine, then we came home and he helped me cut them out.  I stained the shelves so it would look like it belonged.
 The next step I took was to paint the cabinet.  I used "Antique White" Annie Sloan chalk paint. 
 I bought some crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby.

I sanded the cabinet over all the edges.  And then some.  :)   Then I sealed the paint with the Annie Sloan wax.
 Here is my finished project!  I love how it turned out.  So so cute.