Sunday, September 28, 2014


I had a nice evening yesterday.  I went to dinner at Chillis with Abby, LouJean, Deanna, Jessica, Leah, Kenna, Rachel, and Melanie.  After dinner, Abby, LouJean, and I went to the Jacobson's.  We watched the women's broadcast.  -Just what I  needed.    :)
Today was Fast Sunday.  I heard some beautiful testimonies in Sacrament meeting.  Brother Cochran gave a great lesson in our Marriage and Family class and Sister Goulding gave another great lesson in Relief Society. 
We had dinner at my parents' home.  Chicken enchiladas, fried iceream, and pumpkin pie.  After dinner Aaron had a meeting.  I took Brody for a ride up in the canyon.  Brrr it's cold!  The weather had definitely changed.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Something You Don't See Every Day

 Aaron, Bryson, and I went for a drive yesterday.  We went up in AF canyon.  We were going to drive the loop, but when we got to Timpanookee campground, we turned right and kept going.  We ended up on the West side of Timp.  We were hoping we could find a way down through Pleasant Grove, but the road ended.  We didn't mind.  The ride was beautiful.  Aaron and I got a little camera happy.  I'm glad we went, because it's freezing today.  I can see snow on top of tTimp and over by Silver Lake.