Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brody's Individual Education Plan

Yesterday I went to Brody's IEP meeting. I had a wonderful time talking with Brody's teacher and all of his therapists. We came up with a lot of goals for Brody to work toward. I'm excited to see where this year will take him.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Tuckered Out


Natalie and Brian had their 5th baby on Tuesday January 26th. They had a little girl and they named her Sadie Irene Smith (I stole this picture off of Natalie's facebook page). I went to the hospital Wednesday am to visit, and both she and Sadie are doing great. Just wanted to congratulate Natalie and Brian.

A Little Camera Happy!

Monday night I made dinner for my in-laws. Nothing fancy, just chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and veggies. After dinner we visited and watched the Jazz game. While we sat, my kids felt the need to "entertain" us. Andrew and Abby wanted to take pictures of everyone. This is one Andrew took of Aaron and I
Abby took this one. -Not to bad huh?

Andrew and Abby danced for us. They kept doing the dance where you plug your nose and move your body down towards the floor. (I forget what it's called).

Goofy #1

Goofy #2
Isn't this picture of Bree and Grandma cute? I love the way Grandma is smiling at her.

Alyssa loves this stuffed dog. She did the "Army Scoot" all over the place to play with it.

Brody gave everyone kisses. What a sweet heart.

Monday, January 25, 2010

2 Months Old

My niece Sasha is now 2 months old. I took these pictures of her yesterday. She's such a cute baby. Shane and Svetlana say that she smiles all the time. Yep...I'd say that's true.Check out her dimples

Whenever her Mom would talk to her she'd move her mouth and try to talk back
I wish I could get rid of the red eyes. Her eyes are blue.

Here she is with her uncle Ryan

They Just Don't Make Them Like They Use To

I took this picture yesterday evening at my parent's house. My parents have had this swing for over twenty years. I can remember putting my little brother Michael (Who's serving a mission) in it when he was a newborn.

The swing is amazing. Every single one of my kids have loved it. It doesn't use batteries. You have to wind it up to make it go. Several of my siblings made the comment, "Why don't they make them like that anymore?" My conclusion, Duracell must have a secret agreement with Graco.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dinosaur Museum At Thanksgiving Point

Today for Abby's preschool, we went on a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. It's been quite a long time since we went there. My girls loved it. We were kind of rushed with the time. We met our group at 12:30 and had to leave around 2:00 to get home for my boys. Here are some random pics.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lehi Legacy Center Health Fair

Yesterday was Lehi Legacy Center's Health Fair. Aaron is a member of the Lehi Chamber of Commerce, so he had his own booth for Dry Creek Chiropractic. He did free spinal screenings for several people. The health fair was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The White Stuff

This morning after work I stopped at Walmart to pick up some groceries. I decided to buy Oreo cookies because they sounded really good and we haven't had them for a while. My girls and I devoured half of a bag within minutes after I arrived home, or so I thought. Bree kept coming back for more and I kept thinking, "Wow, my little girl will actually eat if she's hungry enough and if she really likes it." No ...that wasn't the reason. Apparently Bree was taking the cookies and eating the "White Stuff" in the middle.

I didn't want to let the cookie part of her Oreos to go to waste, so I gave them to Alyssa.

...Boy did she like them

Have you ever seen a more content baby. Look at her little finger in her mouth.

She sure did get messy

What would I ever do without my kids?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FHE Craft Night

Last night for family home evening, we decided to have a "Craft Night." I bought some ceramic banks at the dollar store a couple weeks ago that the kids were able to paint, and they loved it. While the kids painted, Aaron and I watched the Jazz game. It was a fun evening at home with the fam. My cute little baby is getting so big. She can sit up by herself for a short while. Here she is on the counter.

I attempted to make pizza. -It was okay, but the crust was a little soggy.
Everyone at work
Brody decided to paint himself. That's all I"ll say about that.
The ceramic banks were pigs and pegasus's
No! My children don't eat paint

Monday, January 11, 2010

Buns Of Steel

One of my New Year's resolutions is to exercise more. I've found that it's more difficult to exercise in the winter time, simply because I hate going out in the cold and I don't own a gym pass. I did purchase some exercise videos last summer and am now putting them to good use.Every day Andrew and Abby ask me to do exercises with them. Thanks to Mari Winsor, Leslie Sansone, and Tamilee Webb we just might get in shape.

Check out his buns of steel!

Princess Parade

Yesterday evening, my daughter Abby informed me that she and her sister (Bree) were having a Princess Parade. For the parade, Abby and Bree marched around the kitchen in different princess outfits to Abby's vocals. Every time they changed their outfits, Abby told me to close my eyes til they were in place.I wish I would've taken more pictures. Abby and Bree dressed up in several outfits. We put Alyssa in her walker and she followed the girls around.

Aren't they the most beautiful princesses you've ever seen?