Monday, May 2, 2011

So much on my mind...

Wow! What a crazy morning it has been. So much on my mind, I don't quite know where to begin. Shortly before noon, a friend of mine called with some horrible news. Wendy Kimball Mack died this past weekend. From what I understand, she was 33 weeks pregnant. Apparently, she passed a blood clot that went to her heart, causing her to have a heart attack. Neither Wendy or her baby made it. It makes me so sad. Wendy was a good friend. We knew each other in highschool. We both decided to become nurses (She was a semester behind me in nursing school at UVU). Both of us married husbands who became chiropractors. We spoke a while back and laughed at how similar our lives were. I'm really going to miss her. I can't imagine what her family is going through. This is one thing that God and I are going to talk about. -I just don't understand.


This morning as I was driving my boys to school, I received a phone call from the principal (Tom Tillman) at Hidden Hollow Elementary. The principal informed me that Mrs. Cameron (Brody's teacher) had come to him with some concerns. She told him that since we moved 2 weeks ago, she's been having a difficult time getting Brody to participate in class. Tom asked me, "Did Mrs. Cameron call you last week?" I told him that she hadn't. I'd heard nothing. The only thing I could think of was that I'd received a note in his take home folder that stated that Brody had peed his pants when asked to participate in group. That wasn't the first time that Brody had peed his pants to get out of an activity. -The day after I received that note, my father-in-law checked in his class and asked if Brody had had any problems. He was told that Brody had a great day and everything went well. Any way, Tom continued to talk and stated that after talking to Mrs. Cameron and the speech therapist, he felt it would be better if Brody attended Forbes Elementary. Then he asked "What do you think?" I was upset and crying by this time. My hope was to let Brody finish the year at HHE. I told him I didn't agree with him at all. Autistic kids don't do well with change, and my son was no exception. Yes the move was hard on him, but he was adjusting. I told him I thought that moving him to a new school with a new teacher new aides and new students would be even more difficult. All he kept saying was, "I'm sorry. I understand your concerns, but he's just not progressing." Not to be rude, but how does he know??? I continued to ramble. I realize this is probably wrong, but I told him I felt like Mrs. Cameron was just passing the buck. After all, Mrs. Cameron was the second teacher Brody was moved to this year. -Yep, Brody was moved to a second time a few weeks after school had started. I was told that because more autistic students were admitted to the school, they had to change students around (Whatever). I then asked him, "What do you expect me to do?" "I recommended that you go speak with Mrs. Cameron." All I could think was really??? Why didn't she call me??? I hung up with him and I was done. I dropped Andrew off to school, then Brody and I headed back to American Fork. I made phone calls to Aaron, my mom and a friend. -I didn't know what to do. So mad that no one had communicated with me beforehand. I sure wasn't going to take Brody some where where they don't appreciate him and have already given up on him. Brody is an amazing child! He doesn't deserve that. I sat outside of Forbes Elementary for probably a half hour. Finally I decided to take him inside. I'm so glad I did. I spoke with the receptionist, the principal, the first grade autism teacher and several of the aides. Brody will now be going to Forbes Elementary. He'll be in Mrs. Anderson's A track class. His first class will be Wednesday. I feel ten times better about everything. Please, say a little prayer for Brody if you can. :)


Sunday was a little rough. We made it to our new ward for the 2nd week in a row! I decided to sit with Brody through Primary. We sat at the end of a row. As Brody's class mates arrived, everyone sat on the other end. After the seats had filled up and there was only one empty seat between us and them, the children started fighting ,"I'm not going to sit there, you sit there." My eyes got warm and I just started crying. I know the kids weren't trying to be rude, but it really hurt. Brody had a difficult time holding still and kept telling me, "I want to go please." After about the fifth time, I decided to take him out. We went for a ride in the truck. I turned on Sounds of the Sabboth. The music was beautiful. Just what I needed. We drove to Alpine. I showed him where his Great Grandpa Nelson and Great Great Grandma and Grandpa Vanwagoner are buried. Then we drove down to American Fork and I showed him where his Great Grandpa Argyle, my cousin and my uncle are buried. It was great, just me and Brody. :)

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Katie said...

I'm so glad that they were so welcoming at Forbes. Brody is such a sweet guy, I know they will love him. I'm sorry for all the stress lately. That's no fun. If you need anything, let me know. Love you!