Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Feb 12th

Some of the Andersons are in town!  It’s Kari’s birthday and she is getting her braces off. 
                Deanna helped LouJean take a shower this morning.  She spent some time over at Deanna’s house.
                Kent’s meeting took place at 11.  Ruthann was present.  He will be going home tomorrow!  A therapist and a home health nurse will be assisting him.  Ruthann says they will be assessing LouJean as well.
                My mom helped Aaron at the office again this morning.  She wasn’t there very long, but they were able to accomplish some things.  I watched Sawyer and picked up Sasha.
I took Andrew to get his expander this afternoon.  After his appointment, I took Abby to get fitted for hers.  Both are a little sore this evening.
                Aaron’s sisters (Teresa, Ruthann, and Deanna) came over tonight.  We sang “Happy birthday” to Kari.  Then, they helped me clean Kent and LouJean’s bathroom and make their bed.  –Before Kent can come home, they will evaluate the house and make sure that it’s clean and safe.  Thanks everyone!

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