Monday, February 23, 2015


My mother-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer.  LouJean has an appointment with a surgeon on Wednesday.  Here is a post from my father-in-law's journal.  

23 Feb Mon:  Report on LouJean---it is cancer---the entire family was here this morning (including Kay and Kurt) via in person or on their phones. Everyone participated in the discussion---the best way I can explain it, is by what my two brothers’ said, “Your family is the best, the very best”. My final decision was, not to tell LouJean, all agreed. Before the day was over, the Dr. Appointment was changed from Friday to Wed morning (10:45 am).
                I left with Kay/Kurt to play Sluff---enjoyed---Kurt  did me a hotdog on the way home.
                The Jacobson’s came for FHE---brought the ice cream---Abby did the lesson; as always, she is the best lesson giver. Alyssa sang, “I Am A Child Of God”; excellent.
                Talked to Suzy----she is to see her Dr. tomorrow morning; our prayers are with her.

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