Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Feb. 9th

Kent had a fall this morning. He got a skin tear on his right for arm and bumped a few other places.  He has his two week follow up with Dr. Jackson tomorrow at 11:20.
                Melanie’s little boy (Coleman) tested positive for RSV.  –Stupid virus! 
                Aaron has had a busy day at work.  He is in the process of hiring a new receptionist …and running the entire office.  I wish I could be more helpful.
                We had a late birthday celebration/FHE at our house this evening.  The Curtin’s, The Jacobson’s, The McCracken’s, The Corbett’s (Brandon and Brittany), and Grandpa made it.  I gave the lesson.  I did an object lesson with hand tools and power tools and likened it to super powers our Heavenly Father has given us (priesthood blessings, prayer, and fasting).  It was a nice evening.

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