Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feb. 13th and 14th

13 Feb Fri:  LouJean is not feeling well.  She slept in till 11 this am.  -Couldn’t follow simple commands.  -Refused to eat.  Ruthann and Teresa took her to see Dr. Smith.  She has another UTI.  The doctor saw blood in her stool.  He is scheduling a colonoscopy.  We’re trying to obtain stool samples.
                Kent is home!  He arrived around 12:30.  It’s going to be a little crazy for a while, but I think it will only be up from here.  His physical therapist (Gabe) came.  He taught him how to maneuver and observed the house.  Sounds like Kent and LouJean will be switching sides in their bed.
                The nurse (Leandra) is here.  She is assessing Kent and LouJean.  I think she and the rest of the nursing staff will be a big help.    They are going to bathe LouJean 3 x’s a week!
                It’s late and I have to work tomorrow.  Aaron is going to sleep on the couch and listen for his parents.  Thank you!

My new picture!

One handsome guy

Jason from Studio C

My valentine from Alyssa

Kent's valentine from LouJean

14 Feb Sat:  Kent didn’t sleep very well last night.  I think he woke up several times and helped LouJean with her oxygen.  -He will go to Kenna’s tonight. 
-Busy morning at our house.  I went to work, Andrew had a basketball game at 8:00, Bree had tumbling at 8:00, and Abby had a basketball game at 9:00.  Aaron saved the day.  Everything worked out great.
Andrew went to Roots Tech today in SLC with the youth in our ward.  From what I understand, it was sort of like a big devotional???  David Archuletta, the cast from Studio C, Noelle Pikus Pace, etc. all attended!  Andrew loved it.  He said he had a really good time.
Aaron and I went to Costco this afternoon. Aaron bought me the painting “Perfect Love” by Del Parson.  The painting is so beautiful.  It’s my favorite.  I’m so excited to hang it up.
Aaron and I went to dinner at Culvers tonight for Valentines.  We saw Jason from Studio C!  I almost asked him if I could take a picture with him, but I decided I'd better not.  It's Valentines and I believe he was with his wife and daughter. 
I LOVE YOU Aaron Bell Walker!!! XOXO

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