Friday, January 14, 2011

SS Fire Department & Police Station

I went on a field trip with my girls this morning.
We went to the Saratoga Springs Fire Dept. and Police Station.
At the fire dept., we watched a video with Timon and Pumba from Lion King
about how to be safe.
After the video, we got a little tour.

First we saw where they do their training.
Then we saw their living quarters.
Firefighters work for 2 days straight!
(I didn't realize they worked that long.)
We saw their kitchen and weight room.

Then we got to see their garage with their fire truck, ambulance, boat, jet skis, etc.

We saw their locker area where they grab their equipment.

The clothes firemen wear weigh over 50 lbs!

Mrs. Alisha showed us all how they put on their equipment.

She even had a cool mask like Darth Vader.

At the end of the tour,
all of the kids got Fire Chief hats and stickers.

Even little Alyssa!

The police station tour was short and sweet.
We saw a safe where they keep all of their guns, pictures of police officers, and best of all
...A view into one of the patrol cars!

Everyone got suckers...

stickers and pencils.
What a fun field trip.
Thanks Mrs. Alisha!

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