Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Need Of A Little Sunshine

I could really use a little bit of sunshine.
Have you ever had one of those days,
where you just wanted it to be over or at least start it over fresh?
I got in an accident this morning on my way home from work.
I slid on the snow going west on Pioneer Crossing,
and hit into another truck.
No one was hurt thankfully,
but I did some damage to my father-in-law's truck
and to the other truck I hit.
Both trucks were drivable.
I just wish it wouldn't have happend.
I hate worrying about money.
...Not just that.
I have a few sick kids at home.
I hate it when my babies don't feel well.
There, I'm done complaining for the day.


Ashley and Dave said...

Oh, geez. Sorry. What a yucky day. Kate's been sick all week too.

Tisha and Mark said...

That is crappy! Sorry that your day started off with an accident and then you get to go home to sick kids. No fun!

Katie said...

I think we need to go out and eat a lot of food. I've had a crappy one too. Let's get smashed on Raspberry Lemonade:)

Scott and Heather said...

oh kelly! That is horrible! I'm so sorry! I hate crashing, it is so stressful and makes you sick to your stomach. I hope your kids get feeling better too!

Kathryn said...

I am so sorry. I have been in an accident before too, and it is just horrible. Again, no one was hurt but the poor car, but it made me feel miserable that I was such a dingy driver. Anyway, it all turned out ok in the end, and it will for you too. Keep smiling and things will get better.

R Fitz said...

So sorry cutie...seems to be a lot of bad days being handed out. Hang in there and eventually we can make it through them. Love and hugs to you and your cute family...which hopefully by now is feeling a little better.