Saturday, January 8, 2011

Parents of autistic children react to news that study was falsified -

Parents of autistic children react to news that study was falsified -

This article really bothers me.
I don't want to sound negative,
but just because they did a study
and they didn't find a relationship between autism and the mmr shot
doesn't mean that people who get their immunizations
don't have adverse reactions,
which in turn could cause autism.
I'm not judging please don't judge me.
When I first became a mom,
I wanted to do everything right.
I gave my boys their immunizations because I thought
that's what you do if you want to keep them safe. Right?
After all, I had them when I was little.
My parents had them when they were little.
We all turned out all right.
My first son Andrew had his immunizations until he was 4 years old.
Brody had his until he was one year old.
Both of my boys have learning disabilities.
My boys have been in numerous programs
such as Kids On The Move, Head Start, Giant Steps, etc.
Andrew required speech therapy up until last year,
and in 2006, Brody was diagnosed with autism.
I had heard that immunizations might have a link to autism,
so I chose to quit immunizing my children.
I've had 3 daughters since then, and let me tell you.
There's a world of difference between them.
When I tell people that I don't immunize,
I get a lot of concerned and dirty looks.
I've had to "Shop" around to find a pediatrician
that would accept my children as patients because I don't immunize.
People often ask me the "What if" questions.
Honestly, for Aaron and I,
not immunizing our kids has been the best decision ever.
Our girls are such fast learners,
and our boys are only improving.
My kids are healthy.
They rarely get sick.
It might be a coincidence,
but I choose to think that it's not.
Every parent has to do what they think is right.
That's all I have to say.

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Natalie said...

You are definitely right that each parent has a right to do what they believe is best for their own kids, whether it is immunizing or not. I'm sure there is still a lot of research to be done, and while I choose to immunize my own kids, I completely understand and respect your reasoning. Love ya babe!