Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Washington DC Day 2

Pics from my phone

Lincoln Memorial
The Oldest Smithsonian Museum

Riding our segways at the mall

Botanical Gardens

The Capitol Building

Listening to Julie

National Archives

Hoover building (FBI)

The house where Lincoln died.

Ford Theater

Friday after our delicious continental breakfast, we did a Segway Tour. If you've never done a segway tour before, I highly recommend it. Those 3 hours were probably my most favorite part of the trip. We had a sweet tour guide named Julie. The first half hour of our tour we learned how to use our segways. We practiced in an alley south of the building. Each segway was named. Mine was named Smiley. We saw a huge chunk of Washington DC (Ford's Theater, The home where President Lincoln died, the Hoover building, the Capitol building, the botanical gardens, several museums, the Washington monument, the WW2 monument, the Lincoln monument, the White House, etc. We all did really well. LouAnn had a fall near the Lincoln monument. Someone not paying attention stepped in front of her. Glenn Beck was practicing for 8/28, so there were a lot of people around. When Glenn was finished practicing, I ran up close to try to get a picture. I reached out and guess what? ...I got to touch his hand. I feel special, but don't worry. -I'm washing my hands. :) After the Segway tour, we had lunch at a restaurant called Matchbox. Matchbox has these AMAZING little burgers and onion fries. -They were to die for. We were feeling pretty energized after lunch, so we decided to check out a couple of museums. We went to the art museum first. We saw an exhibit of Norman Rockwell paintings. I was in Heaven. There were so many paintings! Apparently George Lucas and Steven Speilburg lent them to the museum. I'm so glad that I got to see them. Norman Rockwell is my favorite artist. The next museum we saw was the museum of American History. We saw gowns from all of the first ladies, Dorothy's red slippers, Julia Child's kitchen, several artifacts from our past presidents, the flag Francis Scott Key saw when he wrote the Star Spangled Banner, etc. We saw so much! The sad part is that we only saw a small portion. Following the museums, we tried out the metro. We did all right for a bunch of out-of-towners. We went to Target and bought blankets, pillows, and treats. On the way back to the hotel was stopped at a Panda Express.

Pics from my camera

Me and Smiley

Roxanne, me, LouAnn, RuthAnn, Suzy, and Karie
Aren't we adorable?

The mall

Back of the White House
Washington Monument
WW2 Memorial

Glenn Beck practicing for 8/28

The art museum with the collection of Norman Rockwell paintings

Upside down. -Sorry
Drew names for the war
A cuff with blood from Abraham Lincoln
LouAnn running for president
Reward poster
Gotta love Julia Childs

The metro


Kathryn said...

I love that you did a segway tour. I hate Glenn Beck, so I wound't have been tempted to join you at the rally, but I love DC. What fun city. Looks like you had fun exploring.

walkerbunch said...

You hate Glenn Beck??? Hate is kind of a strong word. Why do you hate him?