Monday, September 6, 2010

Latter Day Prophets Are # 1 ...

That song will probably be in my head for days. :)
For Labor Day, we decided to take a trip to the Salt Lake Cemetary.
A friend of mine found a map of apostles who are buried there and went a few weeks ago.
It sounded so fun, I decided to take my family.
-There are so many amazing people buried there!
I felt like a kid on a treasure hunt every time we searched for a different person.
If you're looking for something FUN and FREE...
This is it.
Gordon B. Hinckley

David O. McKay

J. Reuben Clark
Harold B. Lee

Richard L. Evans
(He called Grandpa to be a bishop)
Hugh B. Brown
Bruce R. McConkie
Spencer W. Kimball

Neal A. Maxwell
Howard W. Hunter
(He signed Aaron's mission papers)
Heber J Grant
John W. Taylor

Anthon H. Lund

Matthew Cowley
Matthias Cowley
Wilford Woodruff
Wives of Wilford Woodruff
Porter Rockwell
Joseph Fielding Smith
A monument dedicated to Hyrum Smith
Joseph F. Smith
Joseph Wirthlin
Melvin Joseph Ballard
Harriett Young (A wife of Brigham Young)
George Albert Smith

John Smith
Orson Pratt
Another wife of Brigham Young
Clara Young (Another wife of Brigham Young)


Kathryn said...

Not sure if it's more morbid to take photos at the wax museums with people who are dead or with their headstones. :-)
But really, I like cemeteries, too. They always seem to peaceful to me. And what a sense of history to see headstones from people who lived a long time ago and their accomplishments are still remembered today. Sounds like a fun way to spend a day.

Ashley and Dave said...

Pretty cool. I din't realize some of the oldies were there.