Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Camping They Did Go

 Aaron took his scouts camping last night.  They stayed in AF Canyon.  It was crazy cold, but I guess that's what they like.  :)
 Andrew had a basketball game, so he wasn't able to join them til later in the evening.  Final score of his game was 62 to 48.  Yay!
We dropped Andrew off around 8:00. 
Alyssa and Brody went with me.  As we were driving through the canyon, Alyssa became very concerned for Aaron, Andrew, and the other scouts.  She kept asking about bears.  Even though I told her that bears hibernate in the winter, she worried that one would smell her chicken sandwich that she hadn't finished.  When we got to the camp site, Alyssa hid it.  I assumed she finished it, but on the way home, she told me how smart she'd been to hide the sandwich.  "Thank goodness the bears weren't able to smell it!" she exclaimed.  Love my little girl.  :)

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