Monday, November 8, 2010

"The Flintstones" Closing

Yesterday my son Brody was playing on the computer.
My daughter Alyssa kept climbing on his chair and pushing buttons on the keyboard.
This drives Brody nuts.
I would say Brody is a very mellow child.
Brody rarely yells or screams and he would never hurt anyone physically.
The first few times Alyssa did this,
Brody picked her up and lifted her onto our bed.
When that didn't work,
Brody lifted Alyssa and carried her out of our room.
Aaron looked at me and asked,
"Where do you think he'll take her?"
We thought maybe he would take her into the family room and close the bedroom door.
Brody returned to our bedroom without Alyssa, but he didn't close the door.
"That's weird," I replied.
"Where did she go?"
I got up from the bed and looked for her.
My little stinker Brody had opened the back door and put her outside.
Aaron and I couldn't stop laughing.
Aaron stated, "It's just like the closing of the Flintstones."
Oh my goodness... I'm still peeing my pants.

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Katie said...

This made me laugh so so so hard! I love it. Brody is such a sweet kid and so smart.