Friday, November 19, 2010


I really wanted to meet George Bush.
George did a book signing at Costco in Sandy today from 1-3.
We arrived at Costco at about 12:45.
The parking lot was completely full,
but we were able to find a spot clear out in the boondocks.
We waited in what I thought was the end of the line for about 10 minutes.
-Then a man asked to see my wrist band.
A wrist band...I had no idea I needed a wrist band!
Wrist bands were on the back east side of the building.
We ran back there, got a wrist band, and stood in line again.
I had Brody, Bree, and Alyssa sitting in a cart.
Everything was great until another security guy came up to me
and informed me that kids weren't allowed to see Mr. Bush.
I was told I could hand them off to someone as I went through the line,
but that was my only option.
I was sad to go, but at least I tried. :)
Maybe some day down the road I'll meet him.
Who knows?
George Bush

Making our way to "The Line"

So many people!

The wrist band

Everyone look excited!

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