Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend in Logan

We had a wonderful weekend.  Aaron booked us a room at the Marriott in Logan, Utah.  Everything was perfect.  Everyone had a bed, there was a pool, continental breakfast was provided, we had cable (So Aaron could watch the BYU game), etc.  Couldn't ask for more!
Our hotel
 The first night, we visited the temple.  So pretty!

We got pizza hut for dinner.  Then everyone swam in the pool.
 Saturday morning we went to Willow Park Zoo.

 An albino porcupine
 Gecko?  (I think)
 A barn owl (Bree's favorite)

 A red fox
 Kevin (from the movie Up)

 Goodbye Willow Park Zoo!
 We went for a nice ride.  We drove over to Smithfield and Richmond.
The Brigham Young Cougars defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 33-28!
 We bought some KFC and had dinner at a park

 We stopped at Walmart.  Poor little Bryson had a fever, so we bought him some tylenol.  The kids wanted to go for a late night swim.

We drove home though Ogden canyon.  I really love the city Paradise.  In fact, I vow to live there some day.  It's so beautiful and peaceful. 

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