Monday, March 9, 2015

"Just Visiting With Old Friends"

     Yesterday after I finished helping our kids get ready for church, I went to St. Mark's Hospital. I got there around 11:30.  Kenna was there and she stayed with LouJean and me for the majority of the day.   LouJean wasn't feeling well when I arrived.  We asked her nurse for nausea medication, but they only had medication that she could take by mouth.  Her nurse called the pharmacy to get an order for IV medication, but it took a while to get.
    LouJean was very oriented during this time.  She called on me and Kenna by name, which she rarely ever does.  While we were visiting, LouJean turned and looked at the wall away from Kenna and I.  All of the sudden she got this huge smile on her face. We asked her what she was looking at and she stated "An old friend."  Kenna and I looked at each other surprised.  Then, LouJean stared up at the ceiling and that same smile returned to her face.  We asked her again, "What are you looking at?  Her reply was, "Just visiting with old friends."
     I have no doubt that angels are surrounding her at this time.  -Trying to help her through this trial.
 I love you Loujean!

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