Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prayers For LouJean

My mother-in-law fell last Friday and broke her right leg.
She had been tending my girls and was leaving my home when she missed one of my stairs.
After it happend, my father-in-law and I just panicked and cried.
We were pretty certain that she'd broken it, and we weren't sure how to move her.
I gathered up several of my neighbors.
Then Kent pulled the car up next to the side walk.
We all lifted her into the back seat of the car,
then my father-in-law took her to the emergency room.
X-rays showed that she shattered her femur just above her knee.
She had surgery yesterday morning.
A rod and a plate were put in place.
She was in good spirits when I visited her.
Her doctor told her she would be in the hospital for 4-5 days,
then she would be transferred to a rest home for physical therapy for 6-8 weeks.
It's going to be a long road.
Please pray for her!

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