Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Las Vegas Trip Day 3

Sunday was a special day.  It was Andrew's birthday.   He is now 16!  (Can't believe it).  Aaron and I got him a chocolate mint cake.  We had a few gifts for him as well (Some tshirts and sandals).  We told Andrew he could pick out a tennis racket when we return home.  We also told him he could get his driver's  license.   ☺

We took the kids to Red Rock Canyon.  It was beautiful.  It looks a lot like Zions and Moab.  We went on a little hike.

After Red Rock we came back to the hotel and swam.  The pool was fun.  I forgot to take pictures, but we definitely wore ourselves out.

In the evening we decided to explore our hotel.  Our kids went on a couple of rides.  We watched some performers dressed as pirates do some gymnastics, etc.  For dinner we ordered some pizza.  It was great!

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