Friday, January 27, 2017

A Little Break

This week has been a little rough for my father in law.  We took LouJean to a rehab center on Monday.  Kent has had a lot on his plate the past few months.  LouJean has steadily become more forgetful (Even to the point where sometimes she doesn't recognize Kent).  She has also become more unsteady on her feet, but cannot remember to use her walker.  Our family fealt that Kent needed time for himself, so   we sought for some respite care.  LouJean will becoming home Saturday morning.  
I hope the time that Kent has had will be the boost that he needed.
I went to visit her Monday (The first day).  She was really pleasant when I saw her.  

Dana (her nurse) told me she was anxious because she didnt have a reclining chair.  I stopped at the DI and found this gem.

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