Wednesday, October 26, 2016

...Because I Saw It On Pinterest

I am a sucker for pinterest.  What can I say?   The last few times I've browsed, I've seen a common theme, "Refinishing fabric furniture."  And when I say refinishing, I mean painting!  Crazy huh?  I thought for sure it must crack or rub off.  I had to try it.
 I saw this beauty at the DI.  It was marked $25 (A little more then what I wanted to pay).  I spoke with a manager and pointed out some flaws.
 Turns out that the chair had been there for about a week.  The manager marked down the chair to $15!  Wahoo!
 I love all the wood work.
 I went to Hobby Lobby and found this fabric paint.  I picked charcoal grey.   Seemed like a nice neutral color.
 Here is a picture after I applied the first coat.  Not too bad, but the old material still showed.  I bought two more bottles.  If I was super OCD, I would probably go buy another.  Because it's tufted, it takes a lot.

I decided to paint/wax the wood.  What do you think???

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