Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Snickers, August 2006 - May 2015

We lost our dog Snickers yesterday (May 11th).  I went to pick up Alyssa from school shortly before 2:30.  While I was gone, Snickers got out of the gate.  He went East down the block.  As he was crossing the road to come back home, an SUV hit him.  My neighbor saw him get hit.  She said the car came down the hill really fast and it didn't even stop. 
My neighbor brought him in out of the street, then she ran to our home and told Kent.  Kent picked up Snickers and brought him home.  He laid him on a vanity in the garage.  When I got home, Kent met me at the garage and told me what had occurred. 
My kids and I have cried and cried.  Then we've cried some more... 
 Snickers was such a good dog.  We've had him for almost 9 years.

We wrapped Snickers in a towel and held him for about an hour. 
Andrew and his friends dug a hole in the garden.  When Aaron got home from work, we laid Snickers in a box and buried him. 

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