Tuesday, April 28, 2015

29 Again! ;)

My Grandma Argyle called me the day before my birthday.  She asked me, "You're 29 right?"  My reply, "Yes of course."  (I've only been 29 now 8 years in a row!)  I had a wonderful birthday.  Deanna and Ruthann took me to lunch at Zupas.
My little Bryson man fell asleep while we were there.  I decided to take a nap too!
Cards from friends in my ward
I had a nice evening at home with my family.
My family gave me a boston cream cake

Sweet little Alyssa
"I love you!  You are the sweetest mom.  Happy birthday Mommy."  Alyssa

"Mom, your cheeks are as red as roses.  You smell like fresh blossoms in the summer.  Your eyes are like stars.  You're the best mom in the world.  I love you mom."  Breelyn

A cute little poster from Abby
My family spoiled me with jewlry
I don't think I got one picture with my eyes open!  :)

exercise clothes

A new purse

New shoes

It was an awesome birthday!

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